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Bandall's clever strip guiding system opens up completely new perspectives for the banding sector

Thin and thus cost-effective taping materials can be used. Even large products can be banded reliably thanks to the patented vacuum system, regardless of the desired band width. High reliability and strong performance characterize these machines. In addition, user-friendliness and great flexibility with regard to consumables.

In addition to various mobile standard machines of different sizes and automation levels that can be used anywhere, customer-specific automatic taping solutions are also built. Great attention is paid to the special requirements in the food sector.

Printed tapes serve as advertising media and/or product identification and replace labels. Variable data, EAN codes, logos, etc. can be printed on the belt during the banding process, and the belt can of course be placed with positional accuracy.

In short

  • High-performance taping machine
  • Various belt widths and materials
  • Patented belt guiding system
  • Low maintenance welding process
  • Use of thinnest (low cost) banding materials
  • Exact position printing of variable data
  • Can be integrated into customer-specific automatic systems

Areas of application

  • Graphic industry
  • Packaging sector
  • Sales promotion
  • Food industry
  • Logistics
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • etc.