Welcome to BLUMER

Over 125 years ago, the foundation of Blumer Maschinenbau AG was laid. Today, Blumer is a leading, and worldwide acting, technology provider for the finishing process of cut to stack labels and for a wide variety of cards.

With the necessary vision and making the right path choices, the company has been able to advance on the track to success and be made sound for a successful future.

This was made possible by the persistent courage to follow our visions – and last but not least, thanks to our highly motivated employees, who pushed the development of convincing products forward with full force.


Cutting–edge technology can be achieved, because Blumer adapts to the changing market demands, pursues goals with endurance and follows sustainable strategies. Here at Blumer, we are dedicated to reliability, hard work and the most important challenge: leading our customers – and therefore ourselves – to success.


  • Today


    Today, Blumer is a modern, globally active company that plays a leading role in the processing of labels and cards cut into stacks or die-cut. The further and new development of machines in the post-press area is driven forward with great commitment.

  • 2021


    Blumer Maschinenbau AG and its sister company Awema AG will be sold to the two entrepreneurs Roy Bruderer and Dr. Thomas Ahlburg as part of a succession solution.

  • 2010


    Blumer Maschinenbau AG today is a modern company operating worldwide, which plays a leading role in the area of the finishing process of labels and cards cut/punched in stacks. The core business of the company are production systems for wet glue applied labels under the “ATLAS” brand. In 2011, Blumer Maschinenbau AG was sold to the entrepreneur René Amherd.

  • 2000


    Blumer launched new products with great innovative strength like the strip die-cutter system SG-2020, the large-format die-cutter system DG-35, as well as the newly designed Atlas-1110 LS, which has established itself as the new industrial standard within a few years. In 2008, the fully automated Atlas 40 for large- and small-format cut labels was introduced to the market. With the development of the card punching machine CCS 310 for polycarbonate and other difficult-to-process materials, the foundation for the second field of activity in the security area was created.

  • 1990


    Within the 90’s, the focus was on the full automation of label production. Blumer and partner companies found solutions which brought all steps together, from the roll to perfectly banded label stacks. Blumer developed the counter pressure system for processing difficult label shapes and materials – another trend-setting innovation. 1997 Blumer celebrated its 100-year anniversary.

  • 1980


    In 1984, the Hans Blumer Maschinenfabrik was changed into an incorporated company with headquarters in Otelfingen. With the new company owners and stockholders – Hans Blumer, Jr. and Verena Blumer – the company remained family-owned. Starting from 1986, Blumer more intensely marketed its products for the graphics business and the packaging industry. The decade of success was rounded off with the development and market launch of different multiple-head banding machines.

  • 1970


    The company site in Zurich gradually became too small and prompted Blumer to move to Otelfingen. The company was further expanded by taking over various commercial agencies. The label production system newly developed by Blumer for the die-cutting process of cut stack labels in combination with a strip cutting and banding system proved to be groundbreaking. At DRUPA trade fair 1977, the company presented the prototype of the ATLAS-110 for the first time. From 1980 onwards, the ATLAS label production systems systematically conquered the market for cut and die-cut labels. It remains the new industry standard to this day and has made Blumer a pioneer in label finishing.

  • 1960


    Blumer has drawn attention with its ever new innovations: The rubber blanket cliché grinding machine, a crease milling machine and the first table banding machine were created. A decisive breakthrough was made with the construction and development of a ram punching machine.This formed the basis for Blumer’s worldwide success in solutions for the finishing process of labels and cards.

  • 1897


    Hans Blumer laid the foundation for the company in 1897. In the beginning, he mainly repaired machines and devices in his locksmith shop, before he further developed it into a mechanical workshop. When Hans Blumer’s son, Hans Blumer, Jr., entered the company in 1953 systems and machines of all kinds were developed and built.