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Cuts and bands two stacks of strips simultaneously. For small and large cuts.

The ATLAS-1200 Double Stack can cut and band two pre-cut stacks of strips at the same time. Compared to the standard model, the performance of the machine is doubled without compromise.

The fact that even the smallest tax marks can be cut and banded in a very controlled and precise way makes this machine extremely attractive for security printers.

Beer label manufacturers also have the option of producing “double” stacks (maxi packs). Large label stacks can be cut as single strip stacks, but can be equipped with double banding.

Like any other Blumer machine, the ATLAS-1200 Double Stack can be placed either completely independent of the upstream processes off-line, or equipped with an automatic gripper system as an in-line solution.

Technical data:

Cut label size min. 25 x 40 mm /
max. 170 x 215 mm (single)
max. 170 x 100 mm (double)
with option XS min. 11 x 40 mm /
max. 170 x 215 mm (single)
max. 170 x 100 mm (double)
Stack height min. 40 mm /
max. 120 mm
with option XS min. 35 mm /
max. 110 mm
Strokes / minute up to 18 (single)
up to 30 (double)