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A full-automatic counter pressure die-cutting machine for large label formats.

Our new AG-4220 is a fully automatic counterpressure punching machine, specially developed for processing large label formats. All work steps such as buffering, cutting, die cutting with counterpressure, separating and banding run fully automatically. It is suitable for medium production volumes as well as for small batches and is the only counterpressure die cutting machine in the world that can precisely process large formats with dimensions of up to 239mm x 420mm. With the help of the counterpressure, it is able to process paper or plastic materials with up to 50 micrometers (microns). With the AG-4220, you can also look forward to maximum precision,reliability and the consistently high performance that characterize Blumer machines.

Technical data:

Punched size min. 129 x 190 mm /
max. 239 x 420 mm
Optional smaller labels min. 74 x 190 mm /
max. 210 x 350 mm
Stack height min. 45 mm /
max. 120 mm
Strokes / minute 8 – 11 / min