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Compact and stable die-cutting machine, developed for label and card producers.

The D-20.M high-die-punching machine is the core of the modular Atlas system. It stands out by its user-friendliness, operational safety and above-average performance as well as many other quality characteristics. Compact in its dimensions, the D-20.M is the ideal machine not only for those entering the label and card market, but also for the variety of jobs arising in any printing shop. The D-20.M, being the central item of Blumer‘s well-proven automatic production system, can be upgraded to an Atlas-1140, an Atlas-1120 or to a fully automatic Atlas-1110.

Technical data:

Punched size min. 20 x 35 mm /
max. 166 x 215 mm
Stack height min. 30 mm /
max. 120 mm
Strokes / minute 8 – 16