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This machine punches out various cards from a wide range of materials, burr-free, with just one punch.

Based on Blumer’s extensive experience in the punching area, a completely new tool system has been developed, which punches/cuts the cards from the sheet simultaneously from the bottom and top. With this extremely precise system, not only is the previously unattained card quality achieved for these cards, but it is also possible to process all materials with a single tool. Whenever difficult materials, such as polycarbonate, or a multitude of different material combinations are processed, enormous tooling costs can be saved with the CCS-310 Card Cutting System. Common, less sophisticated cards, which are usually punched cost-efficiently with the conventional, existing male / female punching tools, can also be produced on the CCS-310 machine using an adapter.

Technical data:

Card materials:

PC, PVC, PET-G, ABS, polyester, plastic-laminated material

Sheet format

sheet length 440 – 670 mm (7 to 10 cards)

sheet width 292 – 340 mm (3 cards)

sheet thickness 0.5 – 1 mm

Card format (ISO/IEC 7810)

card width 85.47 – 85.72 mm

card height 53,92 – 54,03 mm

card corners R = 3,18 mm


up to 19’000 cards/h