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Cuts, makes intermediate cuts and bands up to four strips simultaneously.

A machine with a lot of potential for companies that cut their products in stacks with regular guillotines. Placed in-line with an existing cutting machine, the ATLAS-40 improves the cutting productivity in a very significant manner. Then the strips get moved individually, or as an entire load onto the in-feed table of the Atlas-40.

The rest of the process is then fully automatic. Buffering, separating into 1-4 strips (depending on the strip width), cutting, intermediate cuts and finally banding on 1-4 stations. Ionized air avoids static problems whenever plastic substrates are processed.

Compared to production on regular guillotines, the ATLAS-40 can increase productivity by up to 300%, depending on the job, with minimal manpower.

Technical data:

Number of strips per cut 1 – 4
Cut size min. 20 x 67 mm /
max. 245 x 426 mm
Stack height min. 40 mm /
max. 120 mm
Banding stations 4, bandwidth 25 mm
Strokes / minute up to 7 x 11 (with 4 strips)