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Cuts with the highest precision and bands the smallest tax marks up to sticks (maxi packs).

This machine has been designed for this demanding application. Because our process is not only efficient, but also very controlled and with the highest precision, the ATLAS-1200 is used by many security printers for the production of tax stamps.

Thanks to the “XXS-Label” option, even the smallest tax stamps up to a minimum size of 10 x 30mm can be cut and banded with the highest production reliability.

Beer-label producers appreciate the fact that the Atlas-1200 can be equipped with the option for the banding process of maxi packs.

Technical data:

Cut label size min. 25 x 45 mm /
max. 170 x 215 mm
with option XXS min. 10 x 30 mm /
max. 170 x 215 mm
stack height min. 40 mm /
max. 120 mm
with option XXS min. 40 mm /
max. 120 mm
strokes / minute 12 – 20