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Combines automatic strip cutting with the punching process.

The ATLAS-1120 combines automatic strip cutting with the punching process and is therefore an important high-performance production line for the finishing of labels cut into stacks, as well as for “scratch” and “loyalty” cards.

Whether the machine is set up in-line or off-line with the upstream process, and whether the pre-cut stacks of strips are fed manually or automatically, the ATLAS-1120 offers the highest accuracy and flexibility for finishing labels, cards and other products.

The machine can also be complemented with a banding unit to benefit from all the advantages of a fully automatic ATLAS-1110.

Technical data:

Punched size min. 20 x 40 mm /
max. 166 x 211 mm
Stack height min. 40 mm /
max. 120 mm
Strokes / minute up to 20