Counter Pressure Punching Lines

An accurately fitted counter pressure plate, which is guided in the punching die, presses the label stack constantly down, before and during the punching process. The “pillowing” effect, which eventually takes place with regular punching systems (without counter pressure), might cause inacceptable tolerances from the top to the bottom labels within a stack. The counter-pressure method prevents this “pillowing” effect, improves the punching quality of the stacks and reduces the tolerances in a significant manner. 

Counter pressure die-cutting systems are primarily used for spongy and slippery materials, as well as for large labels. This technology is mainly used for the production of in-mold labels, aluminium bottleneck foils, liquor labels, etc. Here, too, Blumer offers the modular ATLAS concept as well as the DG-35.M for extra-large products.