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Counter pressure die-cutting machine for medium to large format, thin and slippery labels.

The counter pressure punching machine DG-35 is the ideal solution for the punching process of medium to large format labels, in particular also for thin and slippery plastic materials. Depending on the requirements, the DG-35 can be combined with an automatic banding and/or a packaging shrink machine. The DG-35, equipped with an optional infeed table for pre-cut panels, can be set up in-line with an existing cutting machine. A coupling to an ATLAS-40 is also possible. The DG-35 is equipped with a special tool change system, which allows a comfortable and easy set-up of the machine.

Technical data:

Punched size min. 30 x 123 mm /
max. 238 x 350 mm
with option XL min. 30 x 167 mm /
max. 238 x 383 mm
Stack height min. 40 mm /
max. 105 mm
Strokes / minute 5 – 7