Baumann/Wohlenberg Label days 2017, 27. – 29. June

The Blumer ATLAS-1110 LS which has been placed in Solms in-line with a Wohlenberg cutter, showed in an impressive manner how the future cut to stack label finishing process will look. Thanks to the new developed features which can be added to the ATLAS-1110 LS (gripper edge options 1 & 2), the way to the fully automated cutting- and punching process has been straighten. The sheets have to be cut into strips only, without turning the entire rim anymore. The reference sides remain to be conserved until the last stack gets punched. This is the reason, why highest accuracy can be achieved and waste can be reduced. It’s not a vision anymore; we are very close to a label finishing process without operator.

Although the automatic loading process of the Blumer machine hasn’t been shown at the Label Days, Baumann showed with help of an animation their innovative solution how they will automate the cutting process and how they will push the strip-stacks s onto the Blumer in-feed table.

The interested audience understood quickly the benefits of cooperation between Baumann and Blumer. The presence of Stamfag – the leading punching die manufacturer -, as well as other exhibitors, have additionally increased the attractiveness of this event.

The Label Days 2017 have once again been a great success. In addition to a lot of technical talks with customers, representatives and suppliers, etc., everybody had a chance to enjoy Baumann’s hospitality.