Shaped cut to stack labels

With the ram punching method (also called high die punching), shaped labels are produced in stacks. In addition to the well proven punching solution, label materials, coatings, embossing, pre-cut precision, punching dies, etc. also contribute toward achieving a good result.

Beer, food and other labels, as well as hard plastic or cardboard products (e.g. cards, etc.) can be processed with Blumer's regular punching system. For soft plastic materials, aluminium foils and heavily embossed or large labels, punching machines with counter pressure technology are to be considered.

Blumer's production systems for shaped labels have a modular structure. The D-20 punching device is used as a core unit – the proven punching machine which holds the pre-cut stack in position on all four sides during the punching process. In addition to other factors, this is one of the most important basic principles to get an accurate punching result.

Because of various degrees of automation, the modular ATLAS concept offers solution for each user, always depending on the quantities being processed.