Tax Stamp Forum 2015

Blumer’s presence in the Field of Tax Stamp Production

As in the past, Blumer was also actively involved in this year’s Tax Stamp Forum which took place November 11 – 13 in Miami. In addition to the info booth, where various samples have been displayed and many interesting discussions have been held, Rolf Manser (VP Sales) had a speech as part of the “Quality, Control and Application” session about the “Cutting Process of Tax Stamps”. In a very understandable manner, Rolf Manser explained various possibilities regarding the finishing process of cut to stack tax stamps. The presentation showed clearly that there is no way around automation of cutting and banding of these very small and valuable labels. It was pointed out, that automation is not only crucial in order to gain on productivity, but also in order to achieve a much higher process security, as well as a higher and constant accuracy of the stamps. Based on Blumer’s profound experience in this challenging field, several valuable advices and tips concerning the finishing process of tax stamps have been given to the audience.

Persons, who are interested to get a copy of the presentation, may request it under, providing complete contact details.

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