Short cut

  • Starting point: dull or damaged punching dies
  • End product: sharpened and immediately available punching dies
  • Can be used for all punching dies made of alloyed steel
  • For all die heights

Field of application

  • Everywhere where ram punching machines are used

Fact Sheet

Favorit Grinding Machine

Well-sharpened and always-available punching dies are of utmost importance for every label or card manufacturer. With the Favorite Sharpening machine, high-dies made of steel can be resharpened any time, as needed. This table-top machine, specially developed for this purpose, has all the necessary functions, such as surface grinding, angular grinding and hollow grinding. Also included in delivery are diamond files and whetstones, with which the finish on the die is made.

With well-sharpened punching tools, a longer life span and an optimal punch quality can be achieved. The punching dies remain in-house, are always available, and sharpening and transport costs can be reduced in a significant manner. This auxiliary machine is essential for all who work with high-die punching machines.


  Surface grinding
  Angular grinding of the cutting
  Possibilities of hollow grinding
for special applications.
  The finish of the cutting edge is
achieved with accessories
included in the offered standard