Short cut

  • Starting point: pre-cut stacks of strips
  • End product: punched stack
  • Expandable to form the ATLAS-1140
  • Expandable to form the ATLAS-1120
  • Expandable to form the ATLAS-1110

Field of application

  • Plastic cards
  • Cardboard cards
  • In-mold labels (beer, wine, food, tags, etc.)
  • Post-it notes
  • Small punched books
  • Playing cards
  • Other products
  • Small to medium-sized quantity range

Fact Sheet


The D-20.M ram punching machine is the core of the modular ATLAS system. This manually loadable machine is known for its top precision, user-friendliness, optimum safety and nevertheless maximum performance. Thanks to its compact and stable design, the D-20.M is not only the ideal machine for labels and card producers, which have a small to medium quantity range, but also for printers, who have to efficiently and accurately bring its pre-cut paper or plastic products “in shape” according to special customer wishes.


As the central element of the semi- or fully automatic ATLAS systems used worldwide, the D-20.M punch can be upgraded to an ATLAS-1120, which is very popular and widespread in card production and is considered to be the most powerful machine in this area.