Customer service

Customer service begins for us with a deep understanding of our customers' needs. We are fully aware how important this aspect is for a complex system. Your call will not be dropped at Blumer – we will help you professionally, without complications and quickly. We operate in a manageable market and we know our products to the last detail. No wonder, since we have developed and produced them ourselves and assembled them to a complete automatic system.

Investments in our customer service have always been one of our top priorities, and will continue to be in the future. Our well-trained technicians have many years of experience. With new installations and trainings at customer’s site, it is important for us that the in-house engineers also be thoroughly trained. In this way, many problems never arise in the first place – and if it should happen, they can be solved as quickly and easily as possible. Support-Inquiry

We have a well-organized spare part service – long-standing employees who are intimately familiar with exports and who make sure that our customers receive their deliveries as quickly as possible, regardless of how far away they are.

Conscientious service and thorough maintenance of your machines are a matter of course. After all, our customers depend on a system which produce exactly, reliably and with the highest possible performance, even after many years. For the reason that your machines can be regularly maintained at the lowest possible cost, we offer you attractive service contracts.

Do you have a question or a problem with one of our machines?

To ensure that the right contact partner can help you immediately, please fill out the form below as completely as possible. Please don't forget the machine number. Briefly describe the problem briefly. You are welcome to attach photos or sketches to your error description. The better we understand the problem, the faster we can help you.

Our promise: We will process your query with top priority and with great care. We would like you to also be our customer in the future.