Short cut

  • Starting point: laminated sheets
  • End product: punched cards stacked in magazines
  • Available double size sheet devider

Field of application

  • ID cards
  • Driver's licenses, Medicare cards, etc.
  • Display cards
  • Cold-laminated card
  • Full-colour materials
  • All materials
  • Top precision standards
  • For medium to high volume production
  • For specialities

Fact Sheet


Continuously increasing security requirements in the card area mean having to process increasingly challenging materials. These materials and, in particular, also the variety of different material combinations, can hardly be processed cost-efficiently any longer with conventional card-punching (male / female) technology.

Based on Blumer's extensive experience in the punching area, a completely new tool system has been developed, which punches/cuts the cards from the sheet simultaneously from the bottom and top. With this extremely precise system, not only is the previously unattained card quality achieved for these cards, but it is also possible to process all materials with a single tool. Whenever difficult materials, such as polycarbonate, or a multitude of different material combinations are processed, enormous tooling costs can be saved with the CCS-310 Card Cutting System.

Common, less sophisticated cards, which are usually punched cost-efficiently with the conventional, existing male / female punching tools, can also be produced on the CCS-310 machine using an adapter. As a result, this machine, distinguished with an "Elan" ICMA development Award, has become a unique hybrid solution, which will optimally meet the needs of the discriminating card manufacturer, now and in the future.