Short cut

  • Starting point: pre-cut stacks of strips
  • End product: punched, banded stacks
  • End product: square cut, banded stack
  • Maxi-pack banding option
  • In-line set-up with an upstream process

Field of application

  • Punched labels (beer, wine, food, tags, etc.)
  • Square cut labels (beer, wine, food, tags, etc.)
  • Plastic cards
  • Cardboard cards
  • Other products
  • For medium to large volume production

Fact Sheet


In use all over the world where large quantities of punched and square cut labels are produced, this proven production line in its newest version offers everything anyone could want in label finishing: High and consistent performance, precision, user-friendliness, versatility, high production reliability, etc. All processes included in the machine (buffering, strip cutting, punching, separating and banding), cleverly combined with one another, make the ATLAS 1110 the most successful production line for cut to stack labels (shaped and square cut).

Regardless of whether the machines are set up in-line or off-line relative to the upstream process, and whether the pre-cut strip stacks are fed manually or automatically, the ATLAS-1110 provides the required flexibility for the finishing process of labels, which are printed on sheets or rolls. A wide range of optional equipment can be added as needed, so that the label stacks can be produced exactly as the customer wishes. Here, it doesn't matter whether the most complex shaped labels or simply just rectangular stacks are cut and banded – the ATLAS-1110 always makes sure that production is reliable and is done efficiently and precisely.

Standard banding material
Paperband rolls 25 mm/600 m
Polyester foil rolls 25 mm/900 m