About us

Nearly 120 years ago, the foundation of Blumer Maschinenbau AG was laid. Today, Blumer is a leading, and worldwide acting, technology provider for the finishing process of cut to stack labels and for a wide variety of cards. With the necessary vision and making the right path choices, the company has been able to advance on the track to success and be made sound for a successful future. This was made possible by the persistent courage to follow our visions – and last but not least, thanks to our highly motivated employees, who pushed the development of convincing products forward with full force. Cutting–edge technology can be achieved, because Blumer adapts to the changing market demands, pushes innovations, pursues goals with endurance and follows sustainable strategies. Here at Blumer, we are dedicated to reliability, hard work and the most important challenge: leading our customers – and therefore ourselves – to success.

On this basis, we develop in our Swiss factory state-of-the-art technology for the label and card industry, thereby meeting a wide range of needs. But that is not all by far. We live up to our reputation of being among the best in our sector and underscore this with great commitment. Presence on all continents, a high degree of self-financing, as well as economic independence – those are the fundamentals with which we secure an excellent position with the best future perspective for our company.